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Tokyo Elvis will release a full-length album

Tokyo Elvis came to life late 2015 as an alias for Frank Friends’ Vocaloid and Video Game-like creations. In the past few months, his music has been played on WHFR in Detroit, commercial radio station J-WAVE in Tokyo, and on Grimecraft and Friends – a popular Twitch stream. Tokyo Elvis was selected as the winner of a Remix contest and two Sync-Licensing contests at Indaba Music. On July 22nd, the self titled full-length ’Tokyo Elvis’ will be released worldwide on iTunes. The first single ‘Some Other Summertime (featuring Hatsune Miku) has been featured on a few websites and is receiving positive reviews.

Tokyo Elvis’ S/T Album Coming July 22nd.
The 14 song debut will feature Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len & Kagamine Rin.

The digital album is available for Pre-Order + Get Two Tracks Now! on iTunes:

Preview two tracks from album:


Already we have three years and TOP 10 countries

-already we have three years from May 7, 2013
-ya tenemos 3 años desde el 7 mayo del 2013

-TOP 10 countries since 3 years from Radio Vocaloid 7/MAY/2013 - 7/MAY/2016
-TOP 10 países desde hace 3 años de Radio Vocaloid  7/MAY/2013 - 7/MAY/2016
1. United States
2. Japan
3. Mexico
4. Germany
5. Brazil
6. France
7. Russian
8. Chile
9. Indonesia
10. Argentina
Access count: 11,212,963

Gracias por apoyar la radio

PD. Este top es antes del geo-bloqueo
This top is before geo-blocking